Grace Community Fellowship is an Evangelical Presbyterian Church found­ed in 2008 … though it exist­ed in our hearts for much longer than that.  Grace is a church family that seeks to reach outside its own four walls.

Grace means “an unearned and undeserved blessing.”

That’s definition number 12 in The Unabridged Oxford English Dictionary.  Look it up!

This is what we celebrate as a church:  God’s grace through God’s “gracious” gifts to us, in­cluding free and full forgiveness, unconditional love, eternal life and, most importantly, a rela­tionship with Him.

We want others to experience the wonder of this relationship as well.  But we don’t expect it to just happen, and we don’t want to have a “just-show-up-at-our-meetings” attitude.  So we’re trying to reach out to our community.

Yes! We want to have the best possible pro­­grams that the maxi­mum num­ber of people will want to par­ticipate in.  But we also want to be the best possible neigh­bors.  So we have re­tained the USD290 bus stop, we open our build­ing for child­ren on cold or rainy days, and we maintain the play­ground for anyone and every­one in the neigh­bor­hood.

We also want to be the best possible stew­ards of God’s mon­ey, so that we can plan the best pro­grams for our community.  In­stead of con­struct­ing a 3 million dol­lar new building, we are reno­vating a 90-year old historic school build­ing.  We would rather put money into help­­ing others than into bricks and mortar.

As an evangelical Presbyterian church, we believe the Bible re­mains rele­vant and authori­tative for all believers today; that God brings us into an eternal relationship with Him as a gift and not on the basis of any­thing we might do to earn it; that being a Christian means we are called to be living proof of a loving God to a watching world—to live lives that mat­ter and give testimony to the truth of God’s love and His in­volvement in our lives and our world.